UNIREC (Italian Union of Debt Collection and Commercial Information Firms) and ADICONSUM (Organization for the Protection of Consumers and the Environment) signed a collaboration memorandum, based on which best practices will be developed for the smoother performance of the debt collection sector. On February 19th, in the framework of a conference in Rome, the creation of EBITER was announced; it is an organization aiming at the best possible administration of debt collection. EBITER is already working on the development of a set of improved and clear techniques of debt collection, taking into account the difficulties many Italian families are facing. Some core goals announced at the Conference are:

  • The development of a Mutual Benefit fund for the families that are in debt
  • The development of a bilateral Organization for the observation of the debt collection sector.
  • The elaboration of a document on the rights and responsibilities of consumers.
  • The development of an institution for the committee of free out-of-court arbitration for citizens.
  • The determination of quality characteristics for the sector of debt collection
  • The implementation of information campaigns addressed to citizens; particularly university students and pensioners.

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