Consumer Protection

 The strict adherence to the provisions of the Data Protection Acts, set forth both on European and on national level, is one of ESEDA's main priorities.

ESEDA member companies fully respect the rights of the consumers and of their business clients:

  • They conform to strict rules and they apply rigorous safety and control mechanisms.

  • They do not make use of personal data handed over by their business clients, for purposes other than those defined in their contractual agreement.

As per decision 20/2001, issued by the Hellenic Data Protection Authority "the processing of personal data is considered lawful within the frame of a business representation, provided that it pertains exclusively to the accomplishment of a specific processing purpose, as defined in the business representation agreement. Moreover, the processing of personal data is considered to be lawful, if the terms and conditions of Article 10, Law 2472/1997 on the Data Protection and the Safe Processing of Sensitive Information are applied, and if the personal data are not being used for other purposes".

The consumers can entrust ESEDA with the compliance to the Data Protection guidelines on the part of its members. Furthermore, they are encouraged to turn to ESEDA for any remarks or comments pertaining to the improvement of the level of debt management services.

ESEDA denounces all unlawful or grey tactics and practices employed by agencies, by individual agents or by companies, who exploit the lack of a transparent regulatory framework and violate the Data Protection principles, and sees that all violators are impeached before the competent authority.


Open Communication Line

ESEDA aims to the continuous improvement of the debt management services. In its effort to act effectively and on a timely manner, ESEDA has established an open communication line with the consumers, through which all complaints can be filed:

 ESEDA's open communication line with the consumers:

TEL.-FAX+30 210 89 29 702

ESEDA encourages all consumers who wish to file a complaint or may have been treated unfairly to use the number above and inform accordingly. ESEDA shall deal with all complaints and, in cases of wrongful behavior on the part of an ESEDA member, shall apply all remedies or sanctions set forth in its Code of Ethics/Practice. Should the complaint fall outside ESEDA's jurisdiction, it is then being forwarded to the General Consumer Secreteriat, so that all appropriate actions are taken.

Code of Ethics/Practise