How to become a member

Should a debt management company wish to join ESEDA, there exist specific processes for the examination of its membership application. Based on the degree to which the requirements set forth in ESEDA statutes are fulfilled, members can be either Full-, or Associate ones.

The requirements and the selection criteria have been shaped around the characteristics of the Greek market for debt management companies. ESEDA aims to include as many member companies as possible, so as to collectively promote adherence to the highest service standards and safeguard upholding of strict business rules. For each level of membership, there exist different admittance criteria and supporting documents requirements.

Full Members

Type of Company:

Societe Anonyme (SA)
Headquarters: In the European Union

Number of Clients:

Minimum 4 account clients

Be registered in the Dept Management Companies according to the decision 1461/20-7/2009

Activity: According to Article 3 paragraph 3 of the Law No 3758, Government Gazette (FEK) 68/5-5-2009
Legal Issues: No pending criminal actions against the company, its shareholders or the members of the management team.
IT Infrastructure: Telephone switchboard, CRM software and CTI.
Personnel: Minimum headcount: 50 employees
Management: Adequate organizational structure (General Management, Sales Department, Financial Department, Human Resources, Production Management)
Quality: ISO Certification, or documentation attesting the pilot implementation of ISO standards, in view of being ISO Certified within a short period of time.


Supporting Documents for Full Membership

Entities who wish to apply for a full membership need to provide the following supporting documents:

  • Articles of Association in accordance with the Law 3758/5-5-2009
  • Application and protocol for data entry in the Register of Hellenic Association of Dept Management Companies.


Members' activities