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Ladies and Gentlemen,

Dear colleagues and friends,

Welcome to the 10th Congress of FENCA in Greece and its historic capital, Athens.

I would like to think that our Congress and its results will prove to be constructive and useful for the development of our industry. 

The timing of our Congress is quite important, especially for Greece. It’s the right time to collaborate and discuss on issues that concern us.

The timing is quite important also because of the global financial crisis which affects significantly the operation of our industry. We need to discuss the perspectives and the ways out.

The developments in the international financial system are also important. Mainly because of the pressure that it is under and because it is in a transitional phase. Many Governments and international bodies are discussing reforms for its regulation or its control.

I suppose that you are all more or less aware of the financial situation in Greece today. On the one hand, it is a situation quite difficult. On the other hand, it seems to be the beginning of a new era for society, economy, our culture and our institutions. 

The domestic financial system is facing new conditions and needs to take bold decisions.

However, amid these difficult economic circumstances, there is an opportunity for our industry to gain the role it deserves: a role of mediation and of balancing the country’s economic activities so as to will bring back a normal state of affairs and development. The crucial role between banks and consumers, whose smooth relationship means a growing and stable market.

In view of these developments, the added value of your knowledge and experience is valuable. In order to analyze problems, propose solutions and interpret the new market that is formed.

Your presence here today gives the meaning of the Congress : united and we move forward. 

Besides economy and numbers, we are very happy to welcome you in our city and we hope that you will enjoy your stay in sunny, historic Athens.

Visit our country and you will discover many reasons to love it.


Thank you very much,

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